flange cast

  • Cast aluminum flange sleeve

    Cast aluminum flange sleeve

    An overview of the
    Is a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy ingot prepared according to the standard composition ratio, after artificial heating into aluminum alloy liquid or molten state and then through the professional mold or the corresponding process of aluminum liquid or molten aluminum alloy pouring into the cavity, after cooling to form the required shape of aluminum parts.
    The aluminum used in casting aluminum is called: cast aluminum alloy.Common methods of aluminum casting are: sand casting, die casting, low pressure casting, precision casting, permanent mold casting and so on.
  • Cast copper flange

    Cast copper flange

    product presentation :

    Flange also called flange or flange.A part that interconnects a pipe to a pipe, connected to a pipe end.There are holes in the flange and the bolts fasten the two flanges together.Gasket between flanges.Flange is a kind of disk, in the pipeline engineering most common, flanges are used in pairs.In piping engineering, flanges are mainly used for piping connections.Install one flange at each end of the two pipes. The low-pressure pipes can be connected with wire flange. Welding flange is used for the pressure of more than 4kg.Place a gasket between the two flanges and bolt them down.
    Flanges of different pressure have different thickness and use different bolts.
    Pumps and valves, when connected to the pipe, the parts of these equipment are also made into the corresponding flange shape, also known as the flange connection.
    General in two planes at the periphery of the use of bolts and closed connection parts, are generally called "flange", such as the ventilation pipe connection, this kind of parts can be called "flange part".
    Threaded flange is a kind of flange.The threaded flange connection structure is an assembly, which is composed of a pair of flanges, several bolts, nuts and a gasket.
    Product Introduction:
    1/2"--30" threaded flange
    Chinese standards:
    HG5051 ~ 5028-58, HG20592 ~ 20605-97, 20615 ~ 20326-97
    HGJ44 ~ 68-91, SH3406-92, SH3406-96
    Shj406-89, SHT501-97, SYJS3-1-1 ~ 5
    JB81 ~ 86-59, JB/T81 ~ 86-94, JB577-64
    Jb577-79, JB585-64, JB585-79
    JB1157 ~ 1164-82, JB2208-80, JB4700 ~ 4707-92
    Jb4721-92, DG0500 ~ 0528, 0612 ~ 0616
    GD0500 ~ 0528, GB9112 ~ 9125-88, GB/T13402-92